Whole-Room Disinfection

We provide whole-room disinfection services throughout Texas and the surrounding states.  We also clean environments that arise from biohazardous events such as suicides, decomposition, crime or trauma scenes, and accidents that produce biohazard medical waste.  


Our fully-compliant trauma scene decontamination technicians are experienced in biohazard remediation and will respond with the sensitivity and capability needed to resolve the issues inherent to environments affected by medical waste.

Safe, Compliant Processes and Disposal

Obviously, this task is for a professional company who specializes in these OSHA and EPA compliant services related to regulated medical waste.  


This service is not just a part of a wide collection of diversified services.  Biohazard and meth residue remediation and the associated medical waste/safe needle disposal are our primary business services.  Request a Quote to service your biohazardous waste disposal needs.

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Contact:; If you need assistance, please fill out the free Request a Quote and we will connect you with one or more of our local supervisors (Austin/San Antonio, DFW Dallas/Fort Worth, Katy/League City) in order to on save travel costs in your cleaning and Biohazard Remediation, medical waste disposal, and/or MRSA/C. diff biohazard disinfection services needs.